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Training Oppurtunity . . . Who is in?

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Training Oppurtunity . . . Who is in? Empty Training Oppurtunity . . . Who is in?

Post  OldGuy on Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:34 am


professional training is a good thing. In ways you may not have thought of, less obvious, if you will.

For instance, we all - well the ones that have participated anyway - realize how it sharpens the skills and abilities you currently have AND teaches you things you could not have known prior to participating.

But did you also realize that should the worst happen and you find yourself in court over a 'situation' having had professional training can be an immeasurably HUGE benefit to you? It can. It in and of itself can demonstrate "due care" on your part; you were cautious enough to seek out and participate in professional training to:

A) Learn proper use
B) Learn legal implications
C) Learn when/where/how to use the weapon (or system) properly.
D) Learn avoidance techniques. Never been to a training program that didn't include that information, by the way

It can establish that you used due care to limit the chances of an 'innocent' being injured, that you used due care to not inflict any more harm on the 'offender' than was necessary or appropriate.

Sounds like pretty good stuff, huh?

Well . . .

did you realize this also applies to less than deadly weapons? Did you know that is available?

Say for instance; OC (pepper) Spray, Tasers (yes, there is a civilian version), collapsible batons.

If you are in law enforcement or security services, you realize that you can not even carry these types of weapons without training and certification in their use!

I don't know about your folks, but for me, learning this provided a big hint at how advantageous CYA with training can be!

So . . . with all this said . . .

Who is seriously interested in professional training with OC Spray, Tasers and collapsible batons?

Talon Group is offering a program, bear in mind the instructor is the real deal; Criminal Justice Standards Training Commission certified.

And certificates will be issued.

. . . I know I can hear you thinking . . . "YEA!! How much will it cost!?!?!"

At this point, I don't know. I do know the more folks that step up and say they will participate, the cheaper it will be for each person.

So . . . as soon as we can give J.D. and Charlie a 'firm number' they will put us together a price.

I can tell you this; it will be cheaper than a lawyer. Laughing

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